ICICB Introducing the versatile
blockchain in the world.

ICICB is a secure, fast, and highly scalable blockchain that is the foundation for the emerging industries of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Metaverse.

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Highly Scalable with a Huge Ecosystem Designed for the Gaming Industry, being a big part of the Future Gaming Industry.

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ICICB Mobile App

Manage your digital assets on the move.

With the powerful features of the ICICB app, you can trade (buy and sell) on the go and keep a close eye on your investments. The app also combines convenience with security, allowing you to transfer your currency to others quickly and easily.

ICICB Mobile App

Decentralized and independent of any government, ICICB will become the best blockchain to work with due to their ever-expanding ecosystem, being possible by their highest quality technology. This consists of a low-power proof-of-stake algorithm with Segwit and deterministic masternodes as part of their proprietary protocol.

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ICICB Mobile App


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Our aim is to eliminate the need for other mobile crypto apps and spread-out projects with our integrated amazing features:

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Low cost, forever:

ICICB's scalability ensures that transactions cost developers and users less than one-sixth of a dollar. No hidden costs or unwanted delays.

Faster than ever before:

ICICB is all about speed. With 30,000 TPS and a final block confirmation time of less than 2 seconds, you will not miss a thing.

Decentralized and unstoppable:

ICICB is also censorship resistant. This means that the network remains open to applications and transactions are never stopped.

Scale for global adoption:

ICICB ensures compatibility between ecosystem projects through its unique combination of low-power POS algorithm, Segwit and deterministic masternode.

Lightning-fast like transfers:

Transactions on ICICB are processed within a human breath and cost a fraction of a cent without compromising security.

Making security our priority:

ICICB's validation nodes form a global, trustless, leaderless proof-of-stake network. We promise your assets are safe with us.

Solving scalability problem:

ICICB can process thousands of transactions per second and scale to thousands of nodes. One blockchain, ready for anything.

Ready to embrace the future:

Integrated governance systems make ICICB adaptable and allow it to evolve as stakeholders see fit, resist spin-offs, and integrate new technologies.